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The Seneca Group’s proprietary methodology for rapidly improving a company’s BD performance begins with an objective assessment of the current processes and personnel along with a hard look at track records (e.g. won/loss ratios, review of customer debriefing materials, etc.).

BD-Graphic-e1426465110516-300x221In order to give substance to what comes next (our recommendations), a specialized waterfall chart is made the centerpiece of a detailed report on existing methods.

Once it has been made clear what the current processes yield and are projected to yield going forward, a detailed plan for improvement is presented that includes coverage of:

  • Staffing
  • Market focus
  • Core competencies
  • Relationships with customers, competitors, and teammates
  • Pipeline methodology
  • Resource allocation methodology
  • Metrics

In the event that client resources do not include the staff necessary to drive the success rate up, the Seneca Group can provide interim management and staffing assistance as well as professional support to key BD opportunities.