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The Partnership for Public Service has released a report shining a bright light on the Government’s inability to attract and retain an adequate cyber workforce. They cite poor recruiting, noncompetitive pay, and antiquated hiring rules. This is a serious issue at a time when the GAO has said that federal systems were breached more than 67,000 times in 2014 (that they know about).

The unintended result of this is that the Government is becoming highly dependent upon private industry to provide the cyber warriors which the threat demands….and thus paying a premium for the talent. Ironically, this pressure is being countered by the pendulum swing in the direction of contracting officers’ devotion to LPTA. This means that in many cases, mission critical system are in the hands of underqualified contractors and staffed with lower quadrant personnel.

The urgent solution to this critical shortcoming is to allow security agency managers to pay market prices for cyber talent and to ensure a pipeline of talent by funding cyber training. While this may not be a popular move in this time of sequestration and Congressional dysfunction, it is very important to national security.

Does your business supply cyber warriors to the Feds? What are your issues with the system?