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Strategic Assessment 

For a business approaching or passing an inflection point, a rapid professional assessment of the situation is a vital first step that informs all succeeding recovery and growth activities. The Seneca team basically performs an insightful due diligence-level assessment of the client’s business as the first step in most engagements. This includes an examination of operating processes, staffing, metrics of performance, the new business pipeline, and existing customer relationships. The product of this effort is a detailed factual report with recommendations and is billed as a fixed price effort. (More …)

Due Diligence Augmentation

The Seneca Group offers supplementary due diligence expertise to buyers of all sizes in transactions of all types. While most buyers are fully capable of performing legal, contractual, and financial examinations, the Seneca Group performs qualitative assessments of vendor/customer relationships, new business pipeline, business/market strategy, key personnel qualifications, and similar subjects. These assessments are based upon many decades of professional experience in the market. The product of this effort is a detailed report and is billed on an hourly basis. (More …)

Interim Management/Turnaround Management

It often occurs that shareholder value is being lost due to management issues at key inflection points. The Seneca Group’s unique capability is to bring interim management to such situations on a contracted basis with a goal of restoring the business and recruiting/training new C-level management to take over. Often, this service includes preparing the client business to be acquired and arranging for sell-side representation.  The Seneca Group provides interim CEO, CFO, COO, CMO, and/or CTO management on a retainer plus success fee basis.

Business Development Professionalization

The market is populated with numerous BD consultancies, processes and kits of dubious efficiency and effectiveness.  You should be winning 90% or more of your re-competes and 45%-50% of your new business bids…if you are not, you may be interested in our fact-based BD processes. Seneca trains existing BD personnel or recruits professional BD talent, installs effective BD methods and metrics of success, and also facilitates initial efforts in targeted markets. This work is performed on a retainer plus success fee basis. (More…)

Strategic Growth Plan Facilitation

Rapid mission changes, swift technology cycles, and continuing budget uncertainties render traditional strategic planning obsolete…today’s strategy is truly tactical.  The Seneca Group utilizes a proprietary methodology to assist management in preparing, executing and monitoring viable business plans that are based upon key metrics in a real-time market environment.  The Seneca team works with management to match market realities with demonstrable core competencies so as to produce workable plans to grow and succeed…rapidly. These plans are then monitored continuously and revisited quarterly to ensure their usefulness. This work is performed on an hourly basis. (More…)

Advisory Board Recruitment, Training, and Management

The Seneca Group is pleased to recommend the expertise of the SK Group for the task of building highly capable, value-added Advisory Boards…an excellent tool for small and medium size businesses to use in gaining valuable senior expertise.  Seneca team members will themselves accept advisory board positions when that seems necessary.  Recruitment and training is done on a fixed fee basis…the Boards are compensated quarterly.

Buy/Sell-Side Advisory and Execution

The Seneca Group works closely with industry partners as well as prequalified legal practices to efficiently position sellers with buyers. Our work ensures alignment of the transaction strategy with the client’s strategic growth plan, provides supplementary due diligence support, and develops effective acquisition integration plans with management. The work is performed on a retainer plus success fee basis.

Foreign Investment and Marketing Advisory

Seneca brings considerable experience to the task of representing foreign technology companies seeking to do business with the US Government. Essentially, many of the domestically-provided services of The Seneca Group are applied to the strategy of the international interests to develop highly effective, success-oriented market strategies. The work is performed on a retainer plus success fee basis.

Note that the majority of our services are performed on a success fee basis. This is a measure of our confidence in our ability to achieve positive results.