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Strategic Assessment and Plans for Growth

The very word “strategy” conjures negative images in the minds of most business owners…lengthy PowerPoints, pages of less-than-useful data, often prepared by people with no practical real-world experience in business. Small wonder that the majority of such prepared “strategies” end up never being seen or talked about after they are done. The nature of today’s business world doesn’t lend itself to such formalities. Here in the 21st century:

  • Technology is advancing in extremely short and rapid cycles…often with unpredictable consequences.
  • Government procurement remains mired in 20th century practices and rules and is highly resistant to change. Blind budget cutting has taken a toll not only on programs, but also on the people charged with spending government money.
  • Competition is intense in every sector for every deal. Even the classified world is not immune to competitive pressures. Awards are protested with regularity. The cost of doing business is accordingly as high as it has ever been.
  • And we are entering a phase of consolidation in the industry with an upward trend in M/A activity across the board. For many small and medium size businesses, the choices are reduced to buying others or being bought.
  • The “hot” market sectors are more often being defined by technologies and businesses either get into the growth sectors or languish. Cyber, cloud, mobile, and big data are all watch words of today’s markets…tomorrow’s watch words are rapidly taking shape in the jungle of technological change.

The Seneca Group takes a very different approach to strategy engagements and our extensive practical management experience makes it possible. We apply many of the same techniques that we use in due diligence augmentation in order to quickly assess the client’s positive and negative growth factors. We also evaluate any strategy work already done by the client and consider as well the owner’s plans for the future.

This is not as obvious as it sounds…in one recent engagement, the client, caught in a revenue decline, had some 30 or more subcontract vehicles…most unused. It had not occurred to the client to farm these resources to help reverse the revenue trend, so we recommended a new BD hire to do just that.

With these data in hand, we then match the client’s growth factors with market realities (e.g. opportunities) in order to rapidly define a path to positive achievement.